Project Description

StorONE has completely rethought data storage, investing years in R&D and gaining over 50 patents in the process, making data storage safer, quicker, more efficient, and less costly.

In classic data storage, storage fragmentation is a problem. With data often spread across multiple separate vehicles – Backup, Archive, File/Nas, Virtualization, Databases, and HPC/AI. These multiple platforms are expensive to purchase, expensive, and cumbersome to operate, protect, or upgrade.

StorONE has solved the storage fragmentation problem with one all-inclusive smart, flexible, and dynamic platform, that is easier to operate, provides better data protection and faster and more efficient data storage and management, will last a decade+, and all at the lowest total cost of ownership.

Essentially, what VMware does for servers, StorONE does for storage. StorONE creates Virtual storage controllers that abstract data from the physical storage media.
The results? Minimum Storage TCO with maximum data protection. This breakthrough technology creates a new industry standard of data protection with better data reliability retention and integrity, standard 90% utilization performance and capacity, and simplified operations with all enterprise storage services,  resulting in overall best storage performance and utilization.

Using StorONE’s industry-first TRUprice tool, you can configure a storage solution for your business and see the total price. Hardware, software, support, and maintenance for 3 years.

StoreONE is available today to help your enterprise slash storage costs while reshaping data storage paradigms.

StoreONE is seeking Ghanaian data center companies and large organizations that are looking for better and more cost-effective data storage solutions.

For more information on StorONE please contact Maame Yaa Amoah, our lead on the Cyber and IT sectors, or visit