Project Description

Top Greenhouses designs, produces, and supplies advanced greenhouses, as well as implements turnkey greenhouse projects globally.

Top Greenhouses employs the latest solutions in agro-technology, providing the highest quality product, allowing farmers to obtain higher yields and higher prices for their crops. By designing individually-tailored turnkey projects, Top offers its customers the most economical, efficient, and effective structures and systems, suited to local environmental conditions, water availability, and budget allocations.

Top Greenhouses’ comprehensive approach to turnkey greenhouse utilizes Top’s experts in agronomy, agro-technology, and agro-economics who work side-by-side with the customers sharing their knowledge and experience. Top’s service begins with an initial feasibility study and incorporates all stages of evaluation, development, design, construction, installation, and implementation. With continued ongoing technical, agronomic and commercial support, Top Greenhouses helps optimize its customers’ growth methods and crop selections to best satisfy customer needs and evolving market demands, ensuring that the customers achieve their economic potential.

With this approach, Top Greenhouses is able to help its customers adapt to the rapidly changing agricultural industry and to fully take advantage of the many opportunities global shifts in demand and supply give rise to.
Hundreds of successful turnkey greenhouse projects have earned Top Greenhouses an international reputation as an authority in project integration and management.

Top Greenhouses is currently seeking a commercial sales partner in Ghana.

For more information please contact Kirk Amoah, our lead on the Agricultural Sector.