Project Description

Trisun (Israel) Ltd. Is a leading supplier and manufacture of raw materials for various industries. We are a part of an international group of companies involved in all stages of the product chain, starting in agriculture, through manufacture and all the way to marketing, sales and commercial aspects.
Since the company was established in 1990, our global chain of partners enables us to supply quality materials in a “tailor made” manner. Our comprehensive, efficient and reliable service is well known, and is given together with unmatched prices.
We believe in quality, transparency, partnership and Fairness.

Our raw material business spans over three main categories:

  1. Food and drink industry.
  2. Feed industry – Food supplements for animals.
  3. Non-Food industry – Cosmetic and toiletry industry.

In addition, Trisun offers consulting and construction execution solutions.

Business Opportunity

  • Trisun is looking for reliable Ghanaian processors of conventional and organic cocoa butter.
  • Trisun is looking for Ghanaian beverage produces to supply juice concentrates.
  • Trisun is seeking to sell its animal feed products to Ghanaian livestock and poultry farmers and feed importers.
  • Trisun is looking Ghanaian distributors interested in buying Jojoba oil and Citrus oils.

Contact Information

Alternatively please contact the Trade Mission