A new era in transportation? The buzz around Phinergy


The worldwide buzz around the revolutionary aluminum-air battery of the Israeli-based technology company Phinergy is reaching new peaks. Even president Obama had the chance to view the technology during his visit to Israel.

Phinergy has created a car battery that powers an electric vehicle for as long as 1,000 miles (1600 km) before needing a recharge. The Company’s  Aluminum-Air battery system has been successfully integrated into an electric vehicle resulting in more than three times the driving range of current EVs.

Aluminum is a widely available metal that is easily recycled and contains high amounts of energy (8 kilowatt-hours per kilogram).  Today, Phinergy’s Aluminum-Air battery is using air and water to unleash the vast energy stored in aluminum. The air is breathed in by a proprietary membrane – the air electrode – and the water is filled into a tank by the user, creating a holistic system that enables an Electric Vehicle to drive without having to stop other than to refuel with water every few hundred kilometers.


President Obama checks out Phinergy

President Obama had the chance to view Phinergy’s technology, among other Israeli innovative companies and technologies, during his recent visit to Israel.

Phinergy, which has been operating in stealth mode during the last few years, first publicly announced its achievements at the Israel Dealmakers Summit that was held in New York last March, in a panel chaired by Mr. Oded Distel, Head of Invest in Israel and Israel NewTech.

“I believe aluminum will become the next major sustainable energy source thanks to metal-air technology,” said Mr. Aviv Tzidon, Phinergy’s Chairman & CEO.

“Phinergy is a current example of an Israeli-based technology that has the potential to create real impact on the global energy and transportation arenas,” says Oded Distel. “We were in close contact with Phinergy during their ‘stealth years’ and knew that something very promising is going on over there. I feel very confident saying that during the next few months some more Israeli companies that have been developing technologies ‘under the radar’ will come out”.

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