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Can the Israeli Innovation be taught in class? and if it can, then how?

“We’re trying to expose them to the emerging trends, challenges and skills of the entrepreneurial environment,” says Steven Nissenfeld, a professor at Yeshiva University who coordinated the trip to Israel.

With stops at Microsoft’s accelerator, the JVP New Media incubator, Given Imaging, Delek energy and even the Recanati winery, they were bound to find the magic ingredient somewhere. Indeed, says Nissenfeld, “They were blown away.”

But can Israeli innovation be studied, copied, and learned? “What I find in my travels around the world is that a lot of countries are trying to become Start-Up Nation,” says Saul Singer, whose book Start-Up Nation has been translated into over 20 languages, and many of its international readers hope to learn and mimic Israel’s innovative ways. “Some aspects are clearly replicable, though many of them come at a policy level”.

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