TIP Israel

The Trans-disciplinary Innovation Program (TIP) at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem is a new cutting edge international platform, which provides intense educational program that weaves together computer vision, big-data/cyber and bioengineering, following with an unprecedented opportunity to personally interact with Nobel Laureates, to work in heterogenous teams with mentorship of leading scientists and entrepreneurs and to pitch ideas to investors.

Students will participate in the World Science Conference – Israel (WSCI) in Jerusalem. This new scientific undertaking will bring together the scientific leaders of the day. In this five-day international gathering, twenty Nobel Laureates and other leading scientists will present current developments and future directions in their fields and address the major issues of our time. This inspiring event is unprecedented in both the bridging of disciplines and outreach to students. This experience will encourage the participants to take up the mantle of advancing science and technology in the next generation and transcend barriers of nationality and geographical distance, forging personal contacts and creating international collaborations. The conference will include: evening of creative thinking, lectures (plenary and parallel sessions) and interviews.

The Conference Link

We are seeking HK applicants for an exciting 10-week innovation program in Israel this summer. The program is highly subsidized and some schoarships are available.

The program is open to entrepreneurs, engineers, designers and scientists from around the world to ideate & innovate ventures in the ‘Start-Up Nation’ tackling global challenges.

More details in the flyer attached and link below:

To apply for the program press here