Between April 27th – 30th we will host the 19th Agritech Exhibition and Conference and AgriVest 2015 in Israel.

In a country where more than half the area is desert, the ideal of ‘making the desert bloom’ was essential to the core beliefs of the pioneers who established of the modern State of Israel.

That same philosophy has, decades later, been a core factor in developing Israel into an advanced hub of innovative agricultural technology.

Israel’s modern day pioneers are continually breaking new ground innovating, inventing and reinventing farming technology that is used worldwide, doing more with less, helping increase yield exponentially, save resources and feed millions.

With the world’s population expected to grow from 7 billion today to 9 billion by 2050, the need for improved agricultural productivity has never been more critical. One of the best ways to enhance productivity is through innovation in agricultural and food technologies.

Israel’s global leadership in developing agricultural techniques and technologies since its creation was born out of necessity, with scant resources and little arable land demanding constant innovation. Today, Israel is a recognized leader in water management and irrigation technologies, sustainable crop-protection, post-harvest, livestock health, feed solutions, aquaculture, soil-less agriculture, on to irrigation technologies and precision agriculture.

On April 28th-30th, Israel will be hosting the Agritech – the 19th International Agricultural Exhibition and Conference in Tel Aviv –  the hi-tech city which only 106 year ago was nothing more than sand dunes. Held every three years, Agritech is one of the world’s most important exhibitions in the field of agricultural technologies. Agritech 2015 will feature a number of ground-breaking technologies and insight into post-harvest methods and processes with over 250 exhibitors from around the globe, showcasing innovation in the fields of biotechnology, veterinary care, farming and much more.


What’s more, the AgriVest Conference wil be held on April 27th – part of Agritech 2015 – is an exciting brainstorming event presenting challenges and solutions facing the Agritech investment community. The AgriVest Conference will allow Israeli and international investors, strategic partners and government officials to hear from innovative Israeli entrepreneurs and learn about the new technological breakthroughs that the Israeli industry has to offer.

Across these two landmark events, a large number of innovative Israeli technologies will be showcasing, including drip irrigation pioneer and market leader Netafim, at the forefront of the technology for fifty years. Netafim’s innovations are in use from India to China to the US to Africa and beyond.

Israel’s cows are known to be the most productive in the world, producing around 40 liters of milk per cow per day.  Afimilk provides in-depth information and analysis of milk – offering unique and valuable insights that can lead to an increase in productivity.  Currently being used in over 50 countries, Afimilk is continuing to grow, focusing particularly on developing nations.

Evogene’s mission is to be a world leader in applying plant genomics for improving plant performance to address the global demand for food, fuel and feed. Key application of plant genomics for improving plant performance are: Biotechnology, Advanced Breeding and Ag-Chemicals.

With a growing demand for non-chemical pesticides, BioBee is on the forefront of developing cutting-edge methods which reduce residual chemicals in agricultural produce. By using beneficial insects and mites for natural pest control, BioBee is creating a more sustainable solution for a challenges facing farmers for centuries.  Operating in over 32 countries, BioBee is known for its ‘on the ground’ support and diverse expertise.  Also known for its work in natural pollination by offering specially bred, mass-produced earth bumblebees as a solution for greenhouse and field crops.

That is just a small taste of some of the Israeli exhibitors at Agritech 2015. A full list of Agritech exhibitors can be found here and more details about AgriVest are available here. We look forward to seeing you in Tel Aviv!