Seeing common ground with small population and market size, CY Leung lauds Middle East country’s hi-tech production after visit
CY Leung visits to Israel
Leung visiting a museum in Israel last week.Photo: AFP

Hong Kong should learn from Israel’s success in developing its high-end technology industry, Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying said after his visit to the country last week.

In an article published in several Chinese-language newspapers yesterday, Leung said the city should in particular study how to establish a production chain better linking research and development to manufacturing.

“How to convert technological research into products or services, and give researchers monetary rewards apart from mental rewards, is the key,” he wrote.

The chief executive paid a five-day visit to Israel and Britain last week.

He said Israel shared common ground with the city, such as a similar population size and a small local market. He said the country was able to produce highly competitive technology-related products.


Mobileye CEO Ziv Aviram introduced the driver assistance systems to Mr. Leung.

Leung suggested Hong Kong could work with mainland China in this regard.

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“Much of the research and development in hi-tech products, and even their production, is suitable to be done in Hong Kong. Or, research and development could take place in Hong Kong while the mainland could deal with production,” he wrote.

Leung, accompanied by university and business leaders, visited universities and research organisations in Israel.


Leung visited Mobileye with a delegation of 30 government officers. This meeting was followed by a drive in Mobileye’s autonomous car, with Mobileye CEO Ziv Aviram.

He said he hoped to invite Israeli experts to visit Hong Kong for an exchange so the city could learn from their success.

Reported by SCMP – Lai Ying-kit

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