(A) Israel HLS & Cyber 2016

We would like to cordially invite you and your team to visit the Israel HLS & Cyber 2016 – the 4th International Conference which will take place between 14th – 17th  of November 2016 in Tel Aviv, Israel.

Israel is one of the leading hubs in the world for innovative solutions in the HLS & CYBER Security arena.

The 4th International HLS & CYBER conference is a biennial event that combines a comprehensive exhibition of the most recent technological advancements and developments with the presence of and insights by some of the leading international experts in the field.

This year, over 100 leading Israeli companies will participate alongside a respectable list of sponsors that represent the Israeli technological forefront.

The event will address the challenges and threats that concern many entities around the globe relating to Homeland Security and Cyber Security.

The participating companies and the conference as a whole, will aim to present the most advanced solutions for these challenges.

Click here to learn more about the events, speakers and exhibitors.

Please let us know which technologies or specific companies you find interesting and we will be happy to pre-schedule the 1-on-1 meetings for you with the Israeli companies at the event. 

In addition, we will be happy to assist with logistics and the planning of your visit.

For more information and assistance, please contact us

We look forward to seeing you in Israel.