201709 - WATEC Israel


Industry   Water Technology & Environmental Control
Date           : 12-14 Sept 2017 (Tue-Thu)
Location    : Tel-Aviv, Israel
Format       : Exhibition and conference


Israel has long played a major role in the Cleantech field, evolving from a nation of limited natural resources to a significant player in global sustainability. Making use of its highly educated workforce and vast experience in the hi-tech industry, the country has developed an industry, over 400 companies strong, dedicated exclusively to sustainable water, energy and environmental technologies.


WATEC (Water Technology and Environmental Control Exhibition & Conference), which is well recognized globally as one of the premier technological water events, will be held from 12-14 Sept 2017 (Tue-Thu) at Tel Aviv Convention Center, Israel.  This year, a fresh concept of the conference will be presented: WATEC V.I.P: Vision, Innovation, Practice.


The event will follow the global vectors of change, and explore the ways they are reflected in the water sectors: Speed, Transparency, Personalization, Multi-disciplinary and Optimization. It’s important to emphasize that long-standing issues like ‘Water Quality’, ‘Industrial wastewater treatment’, ‘Climate Change Economy’, etc. will not be neglected, but rather discussed with a fresh and energetic approach.


During the event, a special Investors Conference, CleanVest Summit, will also take place.  The challenges faced by the water investment community will be discussed; Innovative Israeli technologies and solutions will be introduced. The CleanVest Summit serves as a great opportunity for the Cleantech community including entrepreneurs, water professionals, investors, and government officials to meet each other.


WATEC Israel offers the perfect opportunity to hear from and meet a range of growing Water, Energy & Environment companies seeking a combination of partners, investment and professional services to develop their companies.


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