Israeli startups are looking for investments from Hong Kong!  If you are interested in any of the below Israeli companies, please drop us a line at  Investment info, company info and product info are available.


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Agora Wellness


Agora Wellness is looking for investors (VCs/Private Investors) and strategic partners that will help to take the Agora technology from prototype stage to mass production.  It is preferred that the Investor will have background in any of the following fields: consumer electronics, shoes, wearable & footwear, diet & wellness and social.

AGORA is an Israeli startup that develops and manufactures unique Smart Shoe & Smart Insole (footwear) for measuring body weight, body fat, muscle mass and more.  AGORA’s unique weight sensor technology is re-designing the shoe industry – making it smarter, on line and accessible.

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BeaconCure is looking for investors in Hong Kong.

BeaconCure is developing a unique search & discover platform for scientific data. The goal is to address the huge challenge of scientific data accessibility and validity by harvesting enormous amounts of scientific public databases and generating relevant actionable insights.

BeaconCure applies AI and deep learning techniques to enable the analysis of vast quantities of complex scientific data.  The company is changing the way knowledge is extracted from data by producing an enormous structured, curated and qualified propriety pool of dynamic usable data that can be applied for real world use in conjunction with human experts.  Optimizing for quality based results, BeaconCure take into account accuracy, relevance and validity.

Current clients
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BloomMe is looking for investors to raise additional funds to further capture the local market and commence expansion across APAC.


BloomMe is Hong Kong’s leading spa and beauty booking platform offering 20,000 treatments from 1,350 partner spas in Hong Kong. The advanced spa management software connects with customer focused booking app in real-time, which allows for deep integration of a spas booking process. This allows BloomMe to truly provide convenience for end-consumers and is the reason for the very high repeat usage rates.  Marketing a commission-based bookings app to consumers and selling a full-featured spa management SaaS to spas, which both connect in real-time, BloomMe is the SaaS enabled beauty market place poised to capture beauty bookings in Asia.

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figr is looking for investors as well as potential distribution partners in Hong Kong & mainland China.

Boost engagement with AI powered messaging!

figr is a communication platform super-powered by AI, enabling therapists to engage with their clients online in unprecedented effectiveness, facilitating massive growth of tele-therapy.

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Mircod is looking for investors and clients in Hong Kong.

The company specializes in the field of IOT, and implements the technology that we have developed on wearable devices who know how to monitor 14 medical indicators that are essential to a wide range of areas.

Among the indicators – parameters of heart function (ECG, irregular in heart beats and so on), the oxygen level in the body, body temperature, change in body position (from vertical position to a balanced state,  can indicates a fall down and more.

The technology is a working technology, after development and after a round of initial investment.

The technological advantage is that Mircod managed to minimize the technology and lower the price, so now it is accessible to a variety of areas that were impossible before.  Mircod can produce it as patch, bracelet, smart shirt and more. It can be used as a life saver as well as a second opinion.

The product has a wide range of uses, ranging from the measurement of fetal heart rate and sending data to the mother-to-be’s phone, measuring the amount of milk your baby eats on a daily basis to monitoring elderly people’s medical indicators and alert the doctor when necessary.

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Orpan Group Imagineering
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Orpan Group is looking for investors who can help penetrate the market in Hong Kong and China.

Orpan is a worldwide leading company in conceiving, designing and delivering tourist attractions, visitor centres, museums, educational projects and other audience-centric environments. It is done by combining innovative ideas and Israeli cutting edge entertainment technologies.  The strength is in the ability to take any subject and turn it into a fun and fascinating interactive experience, specializing in fields of Tourism, Vulture and Real-Estate.

Current selected clients
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Townsquare is looking for investors who can help provide guidance and connections in Hong Kong in order to penetrate Chinese market.

Townsquare helps you to make your knowledge visual, make it count and become viral!  Townsquare integrates AI, video and social network to match your skills with the need of your potential clients.

Townsquare can be applied to both B2B and B2C markets.

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