The final session of the Elevator Pitch Competition organised by HK Science & Technology Park was held on 2 Nov, 2017 (Thu).  It is an event open for international startups to pitch for investments.  Under the keen competition with over 150 international contestants in the first round, TWO innovative Israeli companies, Olfaguard and Hyfit were chosen as the top 100 finalists to join the event in Hong Kong.

The 100 finalists had to present their idea with only ONE minute to the judges inside the elevator.  After the exciting elevator pitching, Olfagueard successfully became one of the final top 10 startups and presented on the stage in front of the investor judges.


The Olfagueard representative was answering questions from an investor judge in the final 10 presentation session.


OlfaGuard offers an E-nose that is specific-pathogen targeted and that doesn’t need a professional personal nor a Lab. The E-nose can deliver accurate high specificity results in matter of minutes and in low cost. Our product helps prevent food poisoning. OllfaGuard will be targeting four segments of the food supply chain: slaughter houses\factories, food transport, food retailers, and restaurants\fast food.


Hyfit was presenting in the elevator.


Hyfit is a Wearable Gym that tracks anything from calorie burn, heart rate repetition count up and exercises detection.  It helps adjust your resistance, connect to any foreign object with more than 250 exercises.


If you wish to know more about these two Israeli companies, please do not hesitate to contact us.  We would be more than happy to introduce.

About the Elevator Pitch Competition, you may visit the website