The Israeli Tech Investment Event, organised by the Economic & Trade Mission in Hong Kong, was held on 7 Dec 2017 at JW Marriott Hotel.  SEVEN Israeli companies from different sectors came to Hong Kong to present their ideas in front of over 30 strategic investors.  They are CTZ Medical, GeoSim, HydroSpin, Moojis, Mom Sense, SmarterTV and Zen Protocol. 

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B2B meeting session

CG Ahuva Spieler gave a welcoming remark.

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About the Companies

Video Presentation

GeoSim is one of Israel’s most disruptive companies in urban modeling software applications sector.   The team counts with more than 20 people working from Israel, Canada and India.  GeoSim’s recent development and field work have resulted in an end-to-end city modeling system with unprecedented 3D street-level detail.

Utilizing more than three million lines of software code and scalable production methodology, GeoSim’s disruptive technology achieves a 10x speedup over traditional techniques. GeoSim’s models can be freely navigated in real time just like a video game.



Video Presentation

Water – the single most important resource for urban environment people cannot afford to lose control over.  HydroSpin has developed a solution to overcome the energy barrier in the water monitoring industry – explore the patented mini-generator that provides renewable hydroelectric power for smart water networks.

A Smart Water Network
The Hydrospin concept is based on a surprisingly simple idea: use the water running in the city pipelines to generate the electric energy needed to power the water monitoring devices that harvest data all over the water network.




Moojis is a new free and fun emoticon keyboard for iPhone and Android that uses your own face to create a cool emoji.  Moojis allows you to be creative and make as many of your own personal emojis as you want, using a photo of your real expressions to show your emotions.

Take a selfie pulling different faces such as a smiley and watch yourself being sketched into an emoji that will appear in the Moojis keypad to share with your friends when you text or message on any app such as Whatsapp, Facebook, Messenger, iMessage or MMS using the Moojis keyboard (simply installed through your phone’s settings).





Momsense and The Smart Breastfeeding Meter™ is an innovative and unique product that provides mothers with real-time information on how much milk their baby has received from breastfeeding. Years of research with a team of doctors, lactation specialists and technologists have led to this patented technology that connects to any smart device (iOS/ Android) and tracks and records breastfeeding sessions.

Launched in late-2016, Momsense is already commercialized in numerous retail outlets in the United States.





Video Presentation 1 – zooming, panning, 3D pivoting, rotation
Video Presentation 2 – temporal & spatial tracking of object
Video Presentation 3 – search / retrieve of content related data, including event-driven “smart” replays
Video Presentation 4 – 3D Advertisement Platform

SmarterTV an Israeli startup company that conceived and has been developing an end-to-end solution for production, dissemination, and consumption of one-of-a-kind interactive video.

The mission is to bring “new video experience” to hundreds of millions of OTT users and to expand significantly revenue opportunities of broadcasters and media rights owners.

SmarterTV succeed to enable the end user to build personalized Smart Apps on its platform.




ZEN Protocol
Founder Video

Zen Protocol is a blockchain built for finance. Just as Bitcoin is designed as peer-to-peer money, Zen Protocol is designed for peer-to-peer trade, giving you total control over your financial assets.

Zen is built from the ground up to help developers write fast, scalable and reliable smart contracts. The codebase is written from scratch in F#, C#, and Zen’s own language, ZF*: a dialect of the language F*, designed for provably correct programming. ZF* makes advanced security techniques like formal verification natural to use. Contracts prove the resources they use before running, allowing for compiled contracts that run at native machine speed, and removing the need for a “gas” system. Zen’s oracle solution connects Zen Protocol to real world data, from stock prices to flight cancellations. Oracles are fast, efficient, and profitable for oracle operators.  Bitcoin integration lets Zen Protocol’s contracts can react to events on the Bitcoin blockchain, meaning that Bitcoiners can use Zen’s financial system without third parties or intermediaries. Multi Hash Mining, a new way of using many hash functions in Proof of Work mining, creates matching incentives for miners and users of the Zen Protocol.




CTZ Medical

CTZ Medical – one of Israel’s most promising Medical Technology holding group with a portfolio of companies that are tackling some of the world’s most critical challenges and influence the largest medical markets.

About CTZ :

  • A promising portfolio of carefully selected medical device companies and projects in various stages of development, from proof of concept to initial sales.
  • Strong management team with vast knowledge in the medical device industry and hands-on experience.
  • Strategic partnerships and collaborations with Mor Research Application (the 2nd largest HMO in the world) and leading healthcare organizations worldwide to ensure future project pipeline and access to Israeli medical innovations.

CTZ Holds exclusivity rights for more than half of Israel’s medical written patents.

Currently, CTZ has invested in several companies and projects, all within CTZ’s core business, the medical device industry.  All projects are patent protected and IP registration stage varies between the different companies. They are:


The company has developed and has patented a medical device for treatment and cure of bone defects such as bone infections (Osteomyelitis – OM). It is an innovative minimal-invasive, non-antibiotic method to deliver silver ions to infected area with local influence and no side effects. Also bone regeneration effect as the technology is based on a proprietary method for long term delivery of ionic silver at the targeted bone defect.



The developer of the EBK™ procedure, a pioneering solution for ophthalmologic surgery focused on the cornea. Orca Surgical brings to market sophisticated surgical device and technologies for refractive surgery, keratoconus, refractive enhancement and treatments for recurrent erosions of the cornea. The EBK™ is an epithelium removal procedure, leaving Bowman layer intact for safer treatment and faster patient’s recovery.



TymCure Ltd. is a medical device company, developing the first device for minimally invasive trans-canal treatment of tympanic perforations. TymCure’s unique medical solution simplifies the tympanoplasty procedure dramatically, eliminating the need for surgery and general anesthesia, while providing identical results.


There is a clinical unmet need for a novel simple, rapid and safe method to position the new formatted nasal septum in position and prevent septoplasty and nasal packing complications. APHI offers an approximation device for nasal mucosa following nasal septum surgery – Combining of a needle, pusher, Nitinol inside cartridge and cutter.



Although Glaucoma is a surgical disease, current surgeries are still complex, risky, penetrating and requires unique expertise and high surgical skills. The company develops a unique shunt made of Electrospun nanofabric material in a special design which is extremely easy to place by ANY ophthalmologist. The Electrospun nanofabric material is known for its non-occluding and highly biocompatibility properties. This advantages allows Eshunt to be natural to the eye and therefore extremely safe and effective.



Due to the need for reducing radial artery occlusion after radial access for angioplasty, The Company develops a device for applying pressure to the radial artery to prevent bleeding while allowing blood flow amount of blood to flow through the radial artery.