Industry : Agricultural Technologies, Investment
Date : 8 May 2018 (Tue)  
Location  : Tel Aviv, Israel      
Format : Exhibition & B2B Meetings
Website :


AgriVest is a concurrent investment event held during the biggest agricultural exhibition in Israel Agritech (8-10 May 2018).

In AgriVest, 11 Israeli agtech companies were selected by an independent committee headed by Professor Avi Perl, the chief scientist of Israel’s Ministry of Agriculture, to present at AgriVest 2018.  They will present and compete in Best Israeli Agtech Company Competition.


The selected companies are:


Unique approach for the discovery of beneficial agricultural compounds

AgreMatch is developing an algorithm that analyzes different types of data and uses machine learning to find links between known compounds and unmet agricultural needs.

Growth enhancers for farmed fish

AquiNovo is developing non-GMO, non-hormonal growth enhancers for accelerating fish growth of farmed fish to meet the ever-growing demand for fish protein.

Flying SpArk
Superior animal protein from fruit fly larvae

FlyingSpark is developing a technology to produce superior animal protein from fruit fly larvae and finding new ways of incorporating larvae protein into food products for human consumption.

Highly accurate estimates of fruit yields

FruitSpec is developing a system for highly accurate estimates/projections of fruit yields based on multi spectral machine vision technology; uses applied computer vision and an AI algorithm to automatically count and estimate fruit number and size – even when the fruit is green.

Fast, low-cost, non-destructive cannabis analytics

HiGrade is developing fast, low-cost, non-destructive cannabis analytics; utilizing machine learning technologies, HiGrade allows users to identify the potency, quality, strain, and other critical traits of the plant within seconds.

Multipurpose robotic system for automating labor-intensive tasks

MetoMotion is developing a multipurpose robotic system for automating labor-intensive tasks in greenhouses to address the advancing labor crisis and rising costs in vegetable production.

Innovative, IP-protected platform for improving plants’ performance

PlantArcBio is developing a Direct In Plant platform (DIP™) to screen millions of plants with unique genes from any possible source, and with no prior knowledge of the plant; enables fast discovery of promising genes such as drought tolerance, yield improvement, insect control, and herbicide tolerance.

Modular swarm of autonomous spraying drones

Skyx is developing the “brain” for a modular swarm of autonomous spraying robots; system includes an optimized mission planning, auto-execution, and real-time control of each robot.

Breakthrough sweetening platform

Unavoo is developing a novel sweetening platform (HEYLO) to fully eliminate sugars and artificial sweeteners from food and beverages; innovative sweetening blend offers an all-natural, zero-glycemic solution that is safe for diabetics, pre-diabetics, and people seeking healthy alternatives to sugar.
Turning Consumer Packaged Goods (CPGs) into smart packages is developing an Internet of Packaging (IoP) platform that turns almost any Consumer-Packaged Goods (CPG) into a smart parcel, which generates data to reduce hand- or NFC-based technology checking.

A new strategy in the world of weed control

WeedOut is developing a biological herbicide to eradicate resistant weeds; based on the development of proprietary weed pollen applied via artificial pollination for weed seed abortion to block the next generation of viable weed seeds.