Event Details: 

Industry : FinTech
Date : May 9th 2018 (Thursday)
Time : 9:00am to 6:00pm
Location : PMQ, Central, Hong Kong
Website : www.fintecho2o.com

Israel’s Fintech Industry is one of the world’s leading Industries. More than 250 Israeli Fintech companies specializes in a wide range of technologies including payment technologies, loans, insurTech, capital management and savings, money transfers and virtual currencies.

On May 9th2018 (Thursday), FIVE Israeli FinTech Innovators will be in Hong Kong to take part in the FinTech O2O Global Summit, as well as they will also speak at the conference.

Five Israeli FinTech Innovators:

1. Cyber Security Group (CSG) https://www.cybersecgrp.com
2. iOlite https://iolite.io
3. Kazuar Advanced Technologies https://www.kazuar.info
4. The Floor https://thefloorhub.com
5. ThetaRay https://www.thetaray.com


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For further information, please visit www.fintecho2o.com or to contact Ms. Winkie Lui at winkie.lui@israeltrade.gov.il  

We look forward to seeing you at FinTech O2O Global Summit!