GenCell Energy an Israeli startup has developed a new technology that is based off the use of hydrogen and oxygen to create an electro-chemical process that generates clean energy. This product, in the next step, will be used in telecom stations to greatly reduce operating costs for the companies.

The current generators for the telecom base stations are usually diesel-based, polluting the air, dripping into the ground and generally requiring maintenance. Furthermore, telecom companies spend approximately 19 billion dollars on diesel fuel a year. A survey conducted by Rethink Technology revealed that the most important drivers for investing in a new power technology are the reduction of fuel costs and operating costs.  In view of these, the GenCell technology could be a trend and explained why GenCell received amazing feedback from several big telecom players in the US, Europe and Africa.

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Reference: Shoshanna Solomon, Times of Israel (10 June 2018). Israeli startup says it can slash telecom costs with fuel cell energy. Retrieved on 19 June 2018, from