The phrase “Israeli fashion” may conjure up images of boutique shops on Tel Aviv’s trendy Sheinkin Street, the unique designs featured at popular outdoor markets, or the work of industry leaders like Galia Lahav, whose stunning couture dresses are a Beyoncé favorite. Given that this is the Startup Nation, Israel’s contributions to the fashion world also extend to technology, where Israeli ingenuity is reshaping how we buy, sell, and wear the latest designs.

Whether it’s 3D e-commerce experiences, wearable technologies, or 3D printed clothing, Israel is pioneering numerous innovations in fashion tech, with an emphasis on leveraging technology to improve the consumer experience.

A key driver of Israel’s fashion tech success: The ecosystem’s commitment to supporting innovators and entrepreneurs in the field. The Fash&Tech incubator is a case in point. Founded in 2013, it has supported upwards of 150 startups from seed stage to growth funding, facilitating connections between Israeli fashion tech entrepreneurs and players in target markets including the US, the UK, and China. Within Israel, Fash&Tech hosts a Bootcamp startup contest and meetups where attendees can network with retailers, investors, fashion industry leaders, and tech entrepreneurs.

Here’s a look at just a few of the startups operating in Israel’s growing fashion tech sector:

  • If you want to shop for running shoes online but crave the in-store experience of trying them on for comfort and fit, Fitfully has you covered. Users scan their feet on their own devices, and the company then develops a “virtual fit,” matching customers with their ideal shoes from leading retailers.
  • Zeekit brings the dressing room to the e-commerce experience. The company’s patent-pending technology allows users to “try on” clothing in 3-D, utilizing AI and sophisticated image processing technologies to show how each garment would fit onto a specific customer’s body given body dimensions, fit, and fabric. The company’s feature recommends outfits to customers based on their personal traits.
  • Seevix Material Services utilizes recombinant DNA technology to produce SVX™, the world’s first man-made spidersilk. This unique, lightweight fiber is six times stronger than high tensile steel of the same diameter, displaying high elasticity and durability. Applications include enhanced composites for body armor and for sports shoes with dramatically enhanced shock resistance and durability.
  • Combining health tech and fashion tech, Medic Shoes produces shoes that operate on battery-powered, remote-controlled, variable-strength foot massage systems to generate maximal blood circulation in the feet — a boon to consumers with a history of poor peripheral circulation.
  • LikeAGlove has developed a “smart garment” enabling users to measure their shapes. Users put on LikeAGlove’s smart shorts, which measure their shapes and link via Bluetooth. The company’s app allows users to track their fitness progress over time and also matches users’ measurements against jeans, with a catalog featuring selections from top brands like Levi’s, Old Navy, Gap, American Eagle, Ann Taylor, and more.

The diversity of the fashion tech scene in Israel attests to the wide range of capabilities and innovative technologies being developed in the country. Harnessing its immense technological prowess and the creativity of its human capital, Israel promises to continue making a splash on the fashion tech runway for years to come.

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