The Online Publication: 70 Years, 100 Innovative Products: How Israeli Technology is Enriching the World

Situated on only 22,000 square kilometers — a bit less land than the state of New Jersey — Israel has long had an outsized impact on the global stage. Recently ranked as the eighth-most powerful country in the world, Israel has seen its influence grow in recent years due in no small part to its vibrant, world-renowned tech ecosystem.

Using technology developed in the Start-Up Nation around the world, companies fortify their cybersecurity defenses; authorities deliver safe food and clean water to people in need; healthcare professionals treat patients with state-of-the-art new therapies; farmers efficiently irrigate crops; and automakers manufacture the connected cars of the future. These are but a few of the applications of Israeli innovation, the subject of a new book from the Israel Innovation Authority and the Ministry of Economy and Industry.

For an inspiring glance at Israel’s immense influence on global innovation, look no further than this book, which provides a look at 100 revolutionary solutions across multiple sectors, including noted Israeli strengths like cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, mobility, autotech, health tech, and defense. Here’s a preview:

• Founded in 2006 with an eye toward making solar energy more affordable and widely adopted, SolarEdge has played a key role in doing precisely that. The company developed a smart system that produces and manages photovoltaic solar energy, extracting the maximum energy from solar modules while performing ongoing monitoring to ensure optimal production. A leading player in the solar energy sphere, SolarEdge has shipped over 22 million power optimizers and has been awarded 117 patents.
• Having developed a privileged account security solution, CyberArk (NASDAQ: CYBR) has been instrumental in strengthening cybersecurity protocols. Pioneering an added layer of security designed to protect organizations’ most sensitive data and assets, CyberArk has attracted renown for its Digital Vault, which fortifies data with eight layers of security. In 2014, the company began issuing shares on the NASDAQ exchange, in one of that year’s most successful technology IPOs. More than 3,600 organizations around the globe rely on CyberArk to guard their most critical data.
• Since successfully generating human collagen from genetically engineered tobacco plants in 2005, CollPlant has continued to lead the development of game-changing regenerative medicine solutions — from 3D bioprinting of tissues and organs to tissue repair and wound treatment. With 10 registered patents, CollPlant has supplied products to numerous hospitals in Europe and Israel, and is partnering with several multinational companies to accelerate the development of vital organs including the liver, kidney, pancreas, and lungs.

The Israel Innovation Authority, the Ministry of Economy and Industry’s partner in compiling the new book, has played a key role in fostering Israel’s culture of ingenuity and entrepreneurialism. Formerly the Office of the Chief Scientist, the quasi-governmental agency has provided financing, R&D support, incubator programs, partnership opportunities and much more to Israeli startups for nearly half a century. As an integral part of the country’s tech ecosystem, the authority’s commitment to accelerating innovation was influential in earning Israel its “Startup Nation” moniker.

Seventy years after Israel secured its independence and five decades after the Office of the Chief Scientist began its work, Israeli tech is stronger than ever — and the future of innovation in the country looks even more promising.

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