Sector : Industrial 4.0
Date : 16 Oct 2018 (Tue)
Location : Tel Aviv, Israel
Format : Conference
Website :


Israel Industry 4.0: Beyond Man and Machine

II4 fuses Israeli start-ups, industry leaders, experts, and multinational corporates, to deliberate the phenomenon that is Industry 4.0, the digitization and evolution of manufacturing, and the influence of innovation on the industrial sector.

Industry 4.0 is radically transforming manufacturing technologies and systems worldwide, a movement enabled by the concurrent development of disruptive technologies in the digital era. As companies evolve towards this trend of smart automation, they are looking for solutions to their own issues of data collection, protection, unplanned downtime, and
other process-related complexities.

Israel is fast becoming an international hub of Industry 4.0 innovation, with its entrepreneurial culture and innovative ecosystem.

The disruptive technological advancements for which Israel is renowned, such as AI, computer vision, cybersecurity, smart sensors, blockchain, and automation processes, are helping to change the way products are manufactured, designed, and marketed. II4 will showcase how Israel utilizes its innovation capabilities to provide revolutionary solutions for international companies, and remarkable opportunities for investors.

This is your opportunity to participate in a truly unmissable event. Highlights of the conference include a range of visionary speakers, panels of industry leaders, and the opportunity to network with some of the industry’s prominent experts.

• The latest insights regarding the Industry 4.0 space
• Case study examples, and a showcase of the Israeli start-up scene
• Networking with Industry 4.0 experts, investors, MNCs, entrepreneurs, and innovators

II4 is brought to you by Start-Up Nation Central, an Israel-based non-profit that serves as a gateway to Israeli innovation, together with Grove Ventures, an Israel-based early-stage deep technology Venture Capital fund. The event will take place on Tuesday, October 16, 2018 from 08:00 to 15:00 at Ocean, 101 Rokach Blvd., Tel Aviv, Israel.

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