Sector : FinTech
Date : 31 Oct – 1 Nov 2018 (Wed-Thu)
Location : Hong Kong
Format : Conference
Website :


The financial industry is going through significant transformation. Fintech companies are storming the financial marketplace and changing virtually every aspect possible.

Hong Kong FinTech Week is the world’s first cross-border financial technology (FinTech) event. It’s one of the largest conferences on the calendar, expecting to attract more than 8,000 senior executives and featuring over 200 of the world’s top FinTech founders, investors, regulators, and academics, who are shaping the future of financial services by driving a technological revolution in the industry across Asia and globally.

The Third Annual Hong Kong Fintech Week will be held on 29 Oct – 2 Nov 2018 (Mon-Fri) in Hong Kong, presented by InvestHK and organised by FINNOVASIA and Finovate.

The FinTech sector in Israel has been blooming for several years. What started out with just a handful of start-ups, has grown to more than 500 companies utilizing cutting edge technologies, unique business models and deep know-how in peripheral fields (such as cybersecurity).

During the coming FinTech week events, some Israeli companies are planning to come and showcase their cutting edge technologies, share knowledge, experience and analysis of their respective technologies and their vision of the Israeli Fintech ecosystem.


The Israeli Exhibitors (Tentative)


AU10TIX Limited is a pioneer of multi-channel (front-end and online) Secure Customer Onboarding technologies, providing most advanced solutions for KYC processing and automated ID authentication using AI analysis.



BioCatch delivers behavioral biometrics, analyzing human–device interactions in order to protect users and data. Banks and other enterprises use BioCatch to significantly reduce online fraud and protect against a variety of cyberthreats without compromising user experience. BioCatch has established itself as an industry leader, with an impressive patent portfolio and deployments at major banks worldwide, covering tens of millions of users to date.



Capitalise simplifies the investment process by taking investors’ words and translating them into executable investments, bridging between the simplicity of common words and the complex world of automated trading. The company’s automated portfolio management is based on written investment scenarios that users can instantly analyze and optimize to improve investment performance. In addition to the user’s request, the platform also suggests an alternate, better-performing strategy.


I Know First

I Know First provides daily investment forecasts based on an advanced self-learning algorithm that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques to analyze, model, and predict the stock market. Predictions are generated daily for a growing universe of over 3,000 securities, including stocks, world indices, ETFs, interest rates, and more. The company’s algorithm is used to discover the best investment opportunities and as a decision support system for existing investment processes, as well as for developing systematic trading strategies.



ThetaRay’s solution provides the industry first solution proven to detect suspicious activity not only at placement but also through layering and integration back into the financial system.  Built on patented Artificial Iintelligence and Unsupervised Machine Learning algorithms, it empowers banks to rapidly discover previously unknown schemes, ensuring that money launderers & fraudsters cannot simply learn to bypass static rules and thresholds. ThetaRay’s rules-free solution uses Unsupervised Machine Learning algorithms to analyze SWIFT messages, combined with available KYC data, to identify anomalies from normal activity.



Unbound allows customers to work with secrets without ever exposing them, ensuring their most precious digital assets are safe – anytime, anywhere. The underlying technology is based on Multiparty Computation (MPC), a subfield of cryptography that is mastered by Unbound’s co-founders, university professors from the UK and Israel.



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