Industry   Cyber Security
Date           : 28-30 January 2018 (Mon-Wed)
Location    : Tel Aviv, Israel
Format       : Exhibition,  Conference & B2B Meetings
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Israel is one of the leading hubs in the world for innovative solutions, especially in the Cyber Security Arena.

We are pleased to invite you and your teams to visit CyberTech Tel Aviv 2019 – the international conference and exhibition which will take place from 28-30 January 2019 (Mon-Wed).  This annual 3-day global event brings together leaders of the cyber industry, government decision-makers from around the world, technology experts and enthusiasts for dialogue and presentation of commercial problem-solving strategies for diverse challenges in the cyber realm.

CyberTech Tel Aviv 2019 serves as a global dialogue on threats and solutions for a variety of topics in the world of cyber, with sessions including: AI, Advanced IoT, Blockchain, Big Data, Fintech, Cloud Security, Defense, Proactive Technologies, Inside Threats, Mobile and Communications, Privacy, Medicine, Aviation, and much more.

CyberTech Tel Aviv 2019 will be divided into two main parts—(1) a major exhibition where attendees enjoy the presence of the public and private leaders in the cyber arena, as well as a startup pavilion and a B2B meeting area, and (2) a conference that includes the most trending topics in the area of cyber and innovation.

If you are planning to visit CyberTech Tel Aviv 2019 and are interested in connecting with any participating Israeli companies or pre-arrange meetings with them, please feel free to contact Ms Winkie Lui by email

We look forward to seeing you at CyberTech Tel Aviv 2019!