We are happy to share about two recent investments made by Ping An Global Voyager Fund in Israeli MedTech startups companies:  MeMed and Tyto Care.

MeMed – a diagnostics company developed an immune-system based test for distinguishing between bacterial and viral infections.   MeMed mentioned that more than US$70 million has been raised from new and existing investors including  Ping An Global Voyager Fund, Foxconn, Caesarea Medical Holdings, Clal Insurance, Phoenix Insurance, OurCrowd, Social Capital, WTI, Horizons Ventures, and high-net-worth individuals.  At this round, another HK based investor Horizon Ventures also invested in MeMed.  Furthermore, Dr. Marco D. Huesch, the Chief Medical Officer from Ping An Voyager Fund said, “This exciting innovation will greatly enhance diagnostic and therapeutic confidence among physicians and their patients when faced with distinguishing bacterial from viral infections. Beyond profoundly benefiting individual patients, this groundbreaking technology will address antibiotic overuse within the broader population and contribute to reducing the growing burden of antibiotic resistance.”



Tyto Care – a telehealth company enabling on demand telehealth visits and comprehensive medical examinations.  Tyto Care mentioned that it has raised US$25 million led by Ping An Global Voyager Fund and including both new and existing investors.  According to Mr. Jonathan Larsen, the Chief Innovation officer of Ping An Group and Chairman & CEO of Ping An Global Voyager Fund: “Tyto Care is a high-quality firm with a unique end-to-end solution in home telehealth care and they are delighted to be their lead investor in this funding round and to have Tyto Care as their strategic partner in China.”


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