Sector : Smart Mobility
Date : 10-13 Jun 2019 (Mon-Thu)
Location : Tel Aviv, Israel
Format : Conference & Exhibition & B2B Meetings
Website :


The EcoMotion Week will be held from 10-13 June 2019 (Mon-Thu) in Pavilion 1, Expo Tel Aviv, Tel Aviv, Israel, to gather together innovators from all disciplines in Smart Transportation.  It is an event jointly organised by the Ministry of Economy & Industry, Israel Innovation Institute and the Fuel Choices and Smart Mobility Initiative.

​The EcoMotion’s 7th Main Event on 11 June (Tue) is targeted to attract 130 startups and 4,000 participants to join and meet. The event agenda can be found in this link:

You may take reference from the 2018 Main Event Exhibitors in the link while the 2019 exhibitor list will be released soon.

We will help guests from Hong Kong and Macau to pre-arrange meetings and company visits.  For more info, please contact Ellen Lam at