On 27 June 2019, we were delighted to host an Israeli Digital Health Delegation in HK as part of a Roadshow in Asia.

The delegation included:

1.    Alango Technologies – Wear & Hear  www.wearandhear.com
2.    BSP Medical Ltd. www.BSPmedical.com
3.    Dali Medical Devices www.dalimed.com
4.    DigiSense www.dg-sense.com
5.    HealthWatch www.healthwatchtech.com
6.    iFeel Healthy www.iFeelLabs.com
7.    Melcap Systems www.melcap-systems.com
8.    MyOr https://myor.me
9.    Wearable Devices Ltd. www.getmudra.com


During their visit, the companies presented at a professional business seminar organized by Israel Economic and Trade Mission in Hong Kong and Israel Innovation Authority and co-organized with Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce, and supported by HKMHDIA , where they met over 80 local entities including investors, distributors, healthcare providers, insurance companies and private hospital, then followed by more than 100 one-on-one meetings between the parties.  A delegation also visited HKT-eSmartHealth Ltd. and Hong Kong Hospital Authority to explore business collaboration.

Special thanks to our partners Israel Innovation Authority, HKGCC, HKMHDIA and Hong Kong Hospital Authority, HKT-eSmartHealth to host the delegation at their premises.

Feel free to contact Winkie Lui at Winkie.lui@israeltrade.gov.il if you wish to know more about the Israeli companies.