Sector   Multi-sector
Date           : 7-10 Jan 2020 (Tue-Fri)
Location    : Las Vegas, NV, USA
Format       : Exhibition
Event Website :
Israeli Pavilion :


Israel has more than 500 consumer electronics and digital media companies whose offerings span the range of innovative solutions. They are active in the mobile device, smart home and smart TV, video and gaming, automotive, wearables, Internet of things and many other arenas.

In the upcoming CES 2020, 7-10 Jan 2020 in Las Vegas, the Economic Mission and Israel Export Institute will bring 22 Israeli companies in consumer electronics and digital media industries to form the Israeli Pavilion to showcase their innovative tech to the world. Investors, business partners and enterprises are most welcomed to visit and meet the companies at the Pavilion Booth 51701, Park Hall G, Eureka, Sands Expo.


List of Exhibitors (Israeli Pavilion Catalogue):

  1. helps companies deploy best of breed deep-learning based perception & computer vision solutions.
  2. ASKA Drive & Fly, by NFT
    ASKA is a drive and fly eVTOL with autonomous flight / Sense & Avoid technology.
  3. BrandTotal
    BrandTotal provides competitive intelligence & insights for marketing decision makers.
  4. BrightWay Vision Ltd
    BWV Provides Vision System for adverse weather and night time.
  5. Bzigo
    Bzigo is the first device ever that actively detects and locates mosquitoes indoors.
  6. Chakratec
    Boosting eMobility Anywhere
  7. Ciphersip Systems LTD
    CipherSiP is the only company that increases the bandwidth (x3 times more bandwidth/data) in Vehicle  and Industrial Networks without changing the Network’s topology, its protocols, messages and standards.
  8. D-ID
    D-ID protects identities against automated face recognition.
  9. Edgybees
    Understand, Instantly:  Collaborative Visual Intelligence Technology.
  10. Firedome Inc.
    Real-Time Endpoint Cybersecurity for IoT Companies.
  11. Hi Auto LTD
    Audio-Visual speech enhancement that eliminates the most challenging noises.
  12. Hour One AI
    Hour One is an artificial intelligence powered  video production company.
  13. Lumen
    In a single breath, hack your metabolism.
  14. NovaSight
    Children were born to see the future—at NovaSight, we make sure they can.
  15. Nutricco
    The NUTRICCO platform empowers people to maintain a healthy nutritional balance simply and conveniently.
  16. Sixdof Space
    Cutting-edge, High-speed 6DOF Optical Trackin.
  17. Spectalix
    Deep-learning algorithm which enables mobile-devices to separate objects from any background in real-time video feed.
  18. TakaroTech LTD.
    Takaro Tech provides a new game experience for kids that will make the kids get up from the sofa,  move, and play with each other directly, like we used to do ages ago, nearby or remotely.
  19. Talamoos
    Prediction technology on steroids. Real-time predictions, personalization and recommendations of users future events.
  20. TetaVi
    TetaVi’s portable volumetric video capturing system can create high-quality free viewpoint videos support endless ways to be viewed and interact with.
  21. TriEye
    Solving the Low Visibility Challenge Seeing Beyond the Visible.
  22. Waycare
    AI-driven mobility solutions for smart cities.

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