Since its inception, security has been a top priority for the state of Israel.

With a more than 70-year track record of developing innovative security solutions, as well as a vibrant tech ecosystem, it’s hardly surprising that Israel boasts a Homeland Security (HLS) industry of exceptional competence, quality and innovative output. Israel is home to over 400 companies in the sector that export their world class technologies to help secure populations around the globe.

Here’s a look at three of the companies whose solutions serve as prime examples of the unique and pioneering approaches Israeli HLS technology is bringing to the global stage.

  •  Founded by a leadership team of accomplished executives, academics and intelligence officials, D-Fend Solutions has grown into a leading provider of counter-drone solutions for urban environments. In recent years, the commercial drone market has grown exponentially, and so to have the potential security threats they pose. Rogue drones have been responsible for several high-profile groundings at major airports and numerous other disturbances. Urban environments present particular challenges, not only because they are where drones can do most damage, but because conventional counter-drone measures like radio-frequency jamming or kinetic mitigation (missiles, lasers, etc.) introduce unacceptable risk in an urban context. D-Fend circumvents all these roadblocks using an autonomous system to first detect, then commandeer and finally neutralize any potentially dangerous rogue drone.
  • Established in 2007 by a team of veteran technology and industry professionals, RoadMetric helps law enforcement agencies around the world keep roads safe using revolutionary video technologies. Extensive public safety and engineering expertise have enabled RoadMetric to build their flagship product, Enforcement Deputy, which is powered by the most advanced in-car video system in the world. These technologies allow for automatic tracking of enforcement of common traffic violations such as illegal lane changes, unauthorized use of bus lanes, speeding offenses, parking violations and many more. Enforcement Deputy automatically flags offenders, documents their license plate and registration, then forwards an alert to an on-duty officer to either confirm or refute the suspected violation. Besides ensuring maximum coverage and deterrence for traffic offenses, the system also cuts down on onerous busy work and frees officers to carry out their civic duty more efficiently and effectively.
  • UVeye, which was cofounded by brothers Amir and Ohad Hever in 2016, is a pioneer in the development of automated vehicle inspection systems. Using artificial intelligence and proprietary hardware, UVeye enables fast, 360-degree vehicle scanning without compromising security. Unlike legacy inspection techniques (such as simple, angled mirrors for inspecting vehicle undercarriages), UVeye employs a multi-directional camera array to sweep the vehicle from every angle, then feeds this data through powerful anomaly detection to automatically identify any potential threats. In just a few short years, UVeye has received global financial backing and has already installed its systems in over 100 diplomatic, energy, financial and other sensitive security sites.

In a world where homeland security threats are rapidly evolving, Israel seems uniquely poised to fortify the international community and protect civilian populations. Not only does Israel’s edge stem from its vibrant ecosystem of world-class technologists, it also stems from the country’s embattled history and the hard-won resilience these struggles produced. In a way, Israel transforms lessons from its own tumultuous past into technologies to keep people safe worldwide.