Sector : Industry 4.0 & Construction Tech
Date : 24-27 Feb 2020 (Mon-Thu)
26 Feb 2020 (Wed) – ConTech Construction 4.0
Location : Tel Aviv, Israel
Format : Conference, B2B Meetings
Website :


Israel is fast becoming an international hub of Industry 4.0 innovation, with its entrepreneurial culture and innovative ecosystem. The disruptive technological advancements for which Israel is renowned, such as AI, computer vision, cybersecurity, smart sensors, blockchain, and automation processes, are helping to change the way products are manufactured, designed, and marketed.

‍Join Start-Up Nation Central, Grove Ventures, and Deloitte in Tel Aviv, during the week of February 24-27, 2020 for the largest gathering of Industry 4.0 professionals in Israel at II4 Week 2020. Organized over the course of a few days by many of the largest players in the Industry 4.0 ecosystem, II4 Week is an opportunity to experience everything that makes the Israel Industry 4.0 sector unique and thriving.

‍II4 Week will be comprised of various community events, most notably the II4 Conference, the first II4 Leader’s Forum, an Industry 4.0 Start-up Expo of cutting-edge technologies, and plenty of networking workshops and focused roundtable discussions.


A highlight to Hong Kong companies is the Construction 4.0 Event organized by ConTech on 26 Feb 2020 (Wed).

Israel has become a global center for technology and innovation in the construction arena, growing faster and faster every year. The Construction 4.0 event will bring together Israeli startups, industry leaders, experts, and multinational corporations to collaborate and discuss the digitization of the construction industry.

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