As more than 100,000 thought leaders, tech executives, and industry influencers prepare for MWC in Barcelona from 24-27 Feb 2020, they can look forward to an impressive array of Israeli exhibitors at the globe’s largest mobile technology event.

This year’s event will bring 76 companies to the Israeli national pavilion, organized by the Foreign Trade Administration at the Ministry of Economy and Industry and the Israel Export Institute. Among this year’s exhibitors are innovative AI chipmakers, connected device manufacturers, telehealth leaders, infrastructure & network technology companies, cloud service providers, and many more.

Here’s a selection of exhibiting companies:

  • Founded in 2004, Cnoga Medical manufactures telehealth devices for noninvasive remote patient monitoring. The company’s MTX (matrix monitoring) device can measure 16 blood bio-parameters – including hemoglobin and optical blood pressure – in a matter of seconds, all by having the user place their finger in the device. The company has registered 22 patents since its founding.
  • Semiconductor company Valens, founded in 2006, develops ultra-high speed connectivity solutions for connected cars through its HDBaseT technology, and for a variety of other cases requiring high-speed connections, including enterprise environments, digital signage, medical connectivity, and industrial connectivity. In the automotive industry, the company has ongoing projects and relationships with leading Tier-1s and OEMs.
  • 4D imaging company Vayyar was founded in 2011 to improve breast cancer detection, and has since expanded to additional applications, including security, vehicle automation, home health, and retail. The company’s Walabot DIY consumer device enables users to see inside their homes’ and buildings’ walls to detect pipes, wires, and studs, and Vayyar’s Walabot Home device can detect falls among the elderly in their homes, enabling rapid response. The company has been recognized as a Technology Pioneer by the World Economic Forum.

Each Israeli company headed to MWC 2020 embodies the event’s theme: “Limitless Intelligent Connectivity.” Indeed, Israel has been at the forefront of the connectivity revolution, leveraging its high-tech ecosystem’s prowess in fields like AI, IoT, cybersecurity, mobile technology, and much more.

As the world prepares for the rollout of 5G technology, Israeli R&D is playing a critical role, and with more than 75 billion connected devices projected to be installed by 2025, Israeli innovation will remain center stage for years to come.

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