Industry : Medical Devices, Biopharma, Digital Health and Diagnosis Technologies
Date : 7-9 September 2020  (Mon – Wed)
Location : David InterContiental Hotel, Tel Aviv, Israel
Format : Exhibitions, Conference & B2B Meetings
Website :


This year, MIXiii-BioMED 2020 will explore and aim to this very important issue of “Quality of our extended lives – Pros and Cons”.

In all topics, the event will feature and divide into 9 main tracks:

  • Targeted Cancer Treatment: Cure? Maintenance?
  • Decoding the Brain Enigma: Parkinson, Alzheimer’s, ALS, Mental disorders
  • AI Technology Redefining the future of Biopharma, Care Delivery, and Holistic Medicine
  • Next Generation BioTherapeutics – Gene Editing, RNAi, Oligos, Cell and Gene Therapies, Microbiome and others
  • Bright Spots Illuminating the Future of Medical Devices
  • Exact and Biological Science Diagnostics – Sensors, Genomics, AI, Imaging, and others
  • Robotics Role in Future Healthcare Systems
  • Longevity Age • Bio-convergence

For more information, please contact Ms. Winkie Lui at

We look forward to seeing you at MIXiii-BioMed 2020 in Israel!