Hong Kong is one of the cities that is designated as a Green Location!

You can apply if you:
* are not an Israeli citizen
* are coming for business
* are planning to stay for less than 7 days
* have been invited by an Israeli company
* you weren’t in a “red” country during the 14 days before entering Israel
* if you were on a connection, it was for less than under 12 hours
* you didn’t leave the airport during a connection flight

The permit is intended for foreign nationals whose contribution to Israeli companies or the economy is vital, and who are coming to enable their proper functioning and prevent damage during the coronavirus crisis. The Israeli Ministry of Economy and Industry will review applications and decide whether to recommend an entry permit.

For more info, please have a look at:

  • Position Paper – Foreign Nationals Traveling to Israel to Conduct Business –  Click here
  • and the following link here

Should you have any queries, please contact us at hongkong@israeltrade.gov.il

Look forward to welcoming you in Israel.