The global pandemic has been a mixed bag of outcomes for technology, media and telecommunications (TMT) businesses. As with most sectors, disruptions to supply chains and the economic slowdown are likely to have a negative impact on these businesses. However, there has been an upswing in the demand for digital services across sectors in response to the changing consumption habits and need for ensuring business continuity. Within TMT, the hardest hit segments are likely to be those that monetise social and physical interaction – such as cinema, hospitality, sports/events and out-of-home advertising (OOH) advertising. Telecom operators offering the critical commodity of reliable connectivity are reasonably isolated from the COVID-19 fallout.

As people are forced to work remotely, enterprises are expected to accelerate their pace of digitisation, powered by cloud, automation, artificial intelligence and big data. Thus, the other segments that are likely to benefit are over-thetop (OTT) players, internet service providers (ISPs), data warehousing companies. The new ‘at home’ environment has led to a significant rise in over-the-top (OTT) viewership, including paid subscriptions, as compared to the pre-COVID period.


Here are few Israeli companies that offer innovative OTT solutions: 

Applause: Improve digital quality speeding time to market while reducing risk.
Applause harnesses the power of the world’s largest community of vetted, digital professionals to create custom teams that provide you with a full suite of testing and feedback solutions hence Increase customers, development velocity & deliver high-quality digital experiences.

CompiraLabs: Solving Quality of Experience from the Edge.
CompiraLabs develops an innovative software solution that dramatically improves user-experience for multimedia services such as video streaming, cloud gaming, video conferencing, advancement of communication technologies, like fiber-access, 5G and Internet over Satellite, provide end-users with Internet connectivity at speeds well above 100 Mbps.

Provider of optimization solutions that enable operators to improve RAN spectral efficiency. FlashNetworks boosts network speed, optimize video and web traffic and generate over-the-top revenues from the mobile Internet.

Mantis-vision: Leading 3D imaging from mobile to a live holographic communication.
Core Technology for depth acquisition utilized in mobile devices, industrial scanners and now, live holographic telepresence for immersive communication and broadcasting to drive the XR revolution.

NEXOG: Network management and orchestration solutions.
leading provider of network management and orchestration solutions specially designed for managing and monitoring multi-vendor wireless, satellite, broadcast and IoT network

: World Leaders in autonomous telecom intelligence.
Panorama is the world-leader in data analytics & AI for telecom. Panorama can integrate to any Network, OSS, BSS and IoT solution to transform CSP’s data into actionable insights that boost revenues, increase LTV, and streamline processes.

Saguna: The edge cloud computing pioneer
An advanced Multi-access Edge Computing (MEC) solution. It creates edgecloud-computing environments inside the access network; Close to end users and connected devices.  Fast & simple to develop & deploy new Edge Applications for (IoT) industry 4.0, AR/VR, connected cars, drone control, 4K video delivery, enterprises & more.

Screenz : Advanced interactive digital events platform for live streaming
Screenz partners with telecom operators, broadcasters, OTT apps, and digital publishers to increase audience engagement and build new revenue streams.

Talamoos: Real-time predictions, personalization and recommendations of users’ future events.
Talamoos Provides OTT players, broadcasters and any direct to consumer app access to the next generation of content discovery, individual recommendations and true real-time personalization, across all channels.


XVTEC: Ultra low-latency encoding and decoding technology.
Develops high-resolution, real-time video compression and layout technology. XVTEC develops all IP in house, including H/W, S/W, FPGA and algorithms.

TEXEL: Enabling content-owners to revolutionize their watching experience.
TEXEL enables viewers to connect households into a shared viewing experience together with family and friends. TEXEL is offered as a cloud/edge-based service to OTT providers.