This Programme is jointly implemented by Israel Innovation Authority (IIA) and international partners, i.e. Innovation and Technology Commission (ITC) in Hong Kong, to encourage industrial R&D collaboration between Israeli and Hong Kong companies. #Funding support will be provided to each partner through its own funding organization (either ITC in #HK or IIA in #Israel) –

Programme details:
Application deadline: 25 May, 2022

[For HK companies]👉🏻 You are welcome to participate by submitting proposals to the Enterprise Support Scheme (#ESS) under Innovation and Technology Fund (#ITF)

[For IL companies]👉🏻 This programme provides an excellent #opportunity to receive #grants to work with international partners on R&D projects, funding will be provided in the form of a conditional grant to the projects selected under the Call for Proposals
More info:

We look forward to witnessing more collaborative R&D projects between Israel and Hong Kong, leading to commercialization in the global market!💯