Israel is known to be the “start-up nation” of the number of global start-ups being produced. Over the past decade, Israel has produced over 2,000 start-ups, the majority of these start-ups are driven by software as a service (SaaS). Israeli cloud technology remains a strong promise in the market as new start-ups are continuously penetrating the market.

Innovations and Technologies are shifting from nice-to-have to must-have, cloud computing stands as one of the most impactful innovations in today’s time. There are billions of dollars already invested in this sector. According to Gartner, the prediction of global cloud revenue will reach $544 billion in the year 2022 and up to $900 billion by 2025.

According to Meir Cohen and Raz Mangel of Greenfield Partners, today, with the on-demand delivery of shared computing resources via the internet, or “the cloud”, organizations can store and access their data on remote servers that are fully managed by third-party cloud service providers. Compute, networking, storage, servers, and other IT resources can easily be provisioned as needed and terminated when no longer in use. Organizations can enjoy the many benefits of leveraging cloud computing such as scalability, elasticity, and cost-effectiveness. Cloud computing has completely redefined the IT industry and has not only become the norm, but a necessity for modern development teams.

Israel’s innovative reputation is well known across many of today’s hottest sectors, and cloud technology is no exception. Below is a list of Israeli cloud companies dominating the global markets:

Infinidat – Infinidat is a low-cost vendor of InfiniBand hybrid storage systems for the enterprise. It can store petabytes of data in a single blade, giving it mainframe capabilities. Since the corporation claims to provide system uptime and high availability, it is well suited to this type of storage for object storage and big data analytics applications. – is a SaaS platform that enables its users to build customized applications. The platform also helps create work management software. attempts to transform how teams collaborate and build a culture of transparency.

Orca Security – Orca Security is a company that offers security solutions for cloud infrastructure. The company’s technology enables comprehensive visibility throughout the cloud architecture and all of its assets. It scans the cloud for viruses, vulnerabilities, and misconfigurations.

Redis Labs – Redis Labs offers a SaaS-based in-memory database designed for developers. It helps developers handle clusters, nodes, scaling, failure recovery, and data persistence. The platform can be used for real-time data ingest, real-time analytics, task & queue management, high-speed transactions, and machine learning.

DriveNets – DriveNets is a SaaS company that offers software-defined routing infrastructure. To Communications Service Providers. The company offers Network Cloud – a cloud-native disaggregated router – to its clients. DriveNets’s solution comprises two core components – DriveNets Network Operating System and DriveNets Network Orchestrator.