Smart Mobility Summit 2019

  Sector : Smart Mobility Date : 28-29 Oct 2019 (Mon-Tue) Location : David InterContinental Hotel, Tel-Aviv, Israel Agenda : Full Agenda Website : Video 2018 : 2018 Summit Video Summary
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EcoMotion 2019 Spotlights Israel’s Turbocharged Automotive Sector

Lacking a single auto manufacturing plant, Israel may appear to be an unlikely hub for automotive innovation. But with thriving smart transportation and auto-tech ecosystems, the Startup Nation is nevertheless disrupting the automotive industry with
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EcoMotion 2019

category: Smart Mobility
  Sector : Smart Mobility Date : 10-13 Jun 2019 (Mon-Thu) Location : Tel Aviv, Israel Format : Conference & Exhibition & B2B Meetings Website :   The EcoMotion Week will be held
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Fuel Choices & Smart Mobility Summit 2018

  Industry : Smart City, Smart Mobility Date : 29-30 October 2018 (Mon-Tue) Location : Tel Aviv, Israel Format : Exhibition and Conference Website :   In the HK Smart City Blueprint, two
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Israel Drives Smart Transportation Toward the Future at EcoMotion 2018

In the not so distant future, no one will likely own a car – rather, we will be picked up by self-driving vehicles ordered via an app, which will stop to pick up
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EcoMotion 2018 – Reshaping the Transportation Landscape

  Industry : Smart Transportation Date : 23 May 2018 (Wed)   Location  : Tel Aviv, Israel       Format : Exhibition & Conference Website :   On May 23rd 2018, EcoMotion
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Fuel Choices and Smart Mobility Summit 2017

    Industry   Transportation Technologies Date           : 31 Oct  – 1 Nov 2017 (Tue-Wed) Location    : ‘Habima’ National Theater, Tel Aviv, Israel Format      
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Unique Business Opportunity from Israel – Mobileye: The Leader in Collision Avoidance Systems For Road Safety and Saving lives

Mobileye – is looking for a Distributor in Hong Kong Mobileye – the Leader in Collision Avoidance Systems For Road Safety and Saving lives.  Mobileye is the global pioneer and leader in the development
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