A business delegation from MEDC (Maharashtra Economic Development Council) returned from Israel last month after visiting Israel’s Water Technologies, Renewable Energy and Environmental Control (WATEC) conference. The delegation spent six days in Israel and learning about clean technologies and other newly produced advanced systems.

While in Israel, The MEDC delegation met with The Indian Ambassador to Israel and attended an evening function organised by the Embassy of Israel on occasion of the visit of the Minister of Water Resources of Kerala and the various Indian delegates that had arrived to attend the WATEC Exhibition. The delegation toured utility sites and met with the heads of various energy and utility companies.

The Delegation had an extremely productive week in Israel while visiting the WATEC 2011 conference in Tel Aviv and met with a number of companies to explore possible partnerships.

Representatives from nearly 100 countries congregated in Tel Aviv to share the latest in water and green technology from both the public and private sector. Many companies used the conference as a platform for announcing new products while governments signed pacts along the sidelines.