Any.DO Logo + Name

Any.DO, an application developed by an Israeli startup company, has made it into PC Magazine‘s top ten must have Android apps alongside Amazon’s Kindle, Dropbox and Google Voice, according to an article in YnetNews.

Earlier this year, Any.DO was hailed as one of the top ten Android apps by the New York Times, only days after it was praised on the Best Android Apps list published by the prestigious Tech Crunch.

Any.DO is a task management voice-driven application which translates voice input into written tasks that users may keep in files, add tasks or reminders or clear them by shaking their phones. Users can also create shared tasks with other users and synchronize tasks with Google Tasks. Additionally, users can turn unanswered calls into reminders.

Any.DO was founded by Omer Perchik, Yoni Lindenfeld and Itay Kahana, who all served in the IDF’s top technology units.

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