WHAT: Israeli start-up Deja releases app at SXSW today, live on iTunes now

WHEN/WHERE: Today, March 13 at the i: Made in Israel Trade Show Booth #1100

“The best way to enjoy Social TV on your mobile devices”

Co-founder in Tradeshow booth to demo

AUSTIN, Texas—Israeli start-up Deja today at South by Southwest (SXSW) announces the release of the all new app Deja for iOS (iPhone, iPod Touch) calling it “the best way to enjoy Social TV on your mobile devices.” Deja co-founder Nimrod Ram is at SXSW and will be at the i: Made in Israel trade show booth (#1100) all day Tuesday to demo and discuss the app.

Ram says, “Now you can watch all the videos from your favorite websites and social networks as personalized TV channels whenever and wherever you like. Following our critically acclaimed iPad app, the new iPhone version offers an entirely new approach to video for the YouTube generation.”

The Deja app allows users to collaborate with a community of like-minded video ‘curators’ to create customized and vibrant, live video channels filled with content that they care about. There, they can discover cool new videos and influence what’s being broadcasted in realtime. From there, they can use Deja to transform their iPhone and iPad into a powerful remote control and enjoy all their videos on any Airplay-enabled TV.

Available today on the App Store, Deja gives users the best tools to discover and broadcast the greatest videos out there.

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Deja – Deja is a revolutionary video tool for today’s YouTube Generation. Enjoy all the videos from your favorite sites and social networks as a live TV channel. Join our collaborative curating community to access real-time social video channels and influence what’s being broadcasted live.

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Pops – Pops lets mobile users personalize their phone alerts-whether emails, SMS, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, WhatsApp & more- with on-screen videos & animations from an ever-growing Pops Store or by creating their own pop using the phone camera.

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S-Curve Records – S-Curve Records is a music company which uses their catalogue of music rights to help incubate start-ups with products that can work synergistically with their core music business.

Serendip Media – Serendip is a social music radio service, connecting you with great music through friends and music soul mates. Serendip creates a personal music channel in real-time based on music shared on social networks.

Shaker – Shaker brings social networks to life by allowing people to interact in real time in a shared environment, making the online social experience of hanging out with friends and meeting new people, feel natural, finally.

Vidit – Vidit collects videos captured at the same event (music concerts, weddings, etc…), synchronizes and edits them into one video that describes the event from its beginning to its end, from the crowd’s point of view.

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