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Super-Dimension, an Israeli developer of medical devices for the diagnosis of pulmonary diseases, was acquired for $350 million by US medical device giant Covidien, as reported in YnetNews

Super-Dimension develops and markets minimally-invasive pulmonology devices for the diagnosis and treatment of lung disease, mainly cancer, emphysema and tuberculosis. The company’s devices employ the precision navigation of catheters into lungs to locate distal cancerous tumors and diagnose pulmonary diseases, using a technology based on electro-magnetic tracking, image processing and endoscopic technologies.

To date, the company’s technology has been used to treat over 22,000 patients in over 350 hospitals worldwide. The company develops various complementary products based on its technology with the aim of increasing the availability of lower costing treatments.Super Dimension says that the US market it is targeting presents a potential of 8 million patients. 

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