NanoIsrael 2012 took place in Tel Aviv March 26-27, and showcased breakthrough Israeli Nanotechnologies to an international audience.

According to the Israeli Industry Center for R&D, Israel’s President Shimon Peres  delivered the opening address for the conference, noting the increasing role of nanotechnologies in daily life.

According to the report, the NanoIsrael Conference serves as a central meeting point for local and multinational industrial companies, investors, researchers and government representatives from around the world in the fields of Nanomaterials; Energy, Water & the Environment; Nanoelectronics; Nanophotonics; and Nanobiotechnology. The conference is held in cooperation with the Israel National Nanotechnology Initiative (INNI) and the nanotechnology centres at Israeli universities, and is supported by the Ministry of Trade & Industry, the Foreign Ministry, key companies, universities and organizations from Israel and abroad.

13 Israeli companies exhibited in the  Israeli Industry Center for R&D Pavilion: NanoRetina, 3GSolar, NanoMaterials, ELOP, ORT, Fulcrum, Collplant, PML, Cellergy, Elbit, KiloLambda,  Ray Techniques, and Rafael.

The Jerusalem Post also covered the event and cited two particularly interesting companies active in the sphere: 3GSolar and Collplant. 3GSolar are beginning to use nanotechnology to perfect their unique type of photovoltaic panels, which are made with low-cost Dye Solar Cells – a layer of nano-sized titanium dioxide particles saturated with dye, according to the company.

Collplant is manufacturing a nano-sized product as an effective mechanism for orthopedic treatments and wound management. Collplant is now conducting a study in partnership with Maccabi Health Fund, in which researchers are treating 16 patients with diabetic foot ulcers using Vergenix, one of the company’s collagen healing products.

President Peres is quoted in his opening address as saying, “Look at the great secrets that are hidden in small pieces of material but also [those] of chemistry, of connections, of relationships, of systems. And so I believe in the coming 10 years we will see a very, very different world. We live in a world where the questions are not changing; the answers are changing,” he added.

According to the Jerusalem Post report, Nanotechnology will be a key element of the global challenge to achieve environmental sustainability – and is therefore an integral part of the Organization of Economic Cooperation and Development’s Green Growth Strategy launched in May 2011, according to Dr. Francoise Roure, chair of the France-based OECD Working Party on Nanotechnology.

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