Israel’s Mobileye, which develops vehicle safety solutions using image-processing technologies, is on the upswing, with some analysts forecasting a company value of $1Billion, according to a report in YnetNews. The Company‘s technologies have been incorporated into vehicles made by GM, BMW and Volvo.

According to the Company’s press releaseMobileye’s unique vision based platform, driven by its proprietary chipset and algorithms, works as a third eye, analyzing the risk of forward collision, lane departure, headway following time, excessive speed and pedestrian hazards in real time and issuing visual and audio alerts to improve safety by helping drivers avoid accidents .

The Company also recently announced the launch of the World’s first Smartphone-connected Driver Assistance System – claimed by the Company to be the most significant innovation since the inventions of the GPS and the Airbag.  Mobileye 5-Series reads traffic enabling the driver to receive critical real-time warnings about potential road dangers straight to their Smartphone. The new series also reads traffic signs; automatically controls the headlamps, all in addition to lane departure warning, forward collision warning, headway monitoring and pedestrian and bicyclist collision warnings.

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