Israeli start-up Moraflora has discovered a way to immunize plants to make them genetically resistant to disease. According to an in-depth article in Haaretz, the U.S. government found the technology so promising that it’s helping to fund pre-field trial tests.

Dotan Peleg of Moraflora is quoted in the article as saying, “Twenty-five percent of the global food supply is destroyed annually due to crop damage from pests and diseases. It’s inconceivable….There are diseases that attack the fruit even when it is stored under optimal conditions, for example, fungi that develop during shipping. All it takes is for a single seed to be infected by bacteria, and it can destroy an entire greenhouse in the space of within a few days.”

Moraflora has registered 7 patents.  According to Haaretz, because of the high cost of pesticides, and the health and environmental damage they can cause, Peleg says, “It is clear to everyone that the solution has to come from the genetic direction.”

To date, Moraflora has raised
$4 million worth of investments.

For the full Haaretz article click here.

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