The Chief Scientist’s Annual Conference for Research and Development was recently held in Israel, and attended by senior government officials from around the world, as reported in the Jerusalem Post.  The event was an opportunity for representatives from around the world to learn Israel’s successful model for innovation and technology development. Dr. E. Williams Colglazier, science and technology adviser to the US secretary of state, was quoted by the Jerusalem Post as saying: “Israel is a world leader and a model not only for small countries but for all countries.”

Brazil was represented at the event by Nelson Fujimoto, secretary for innovation at Brazil’s Development, Industry and Foreign Trade Ministry. The countries have established a Brazil-Israel Cooperation Program, which in two months will receive second calls for technological cooperation proposals, focusing on life science, homeland security and a number of other areas, Fujimoto is reported to have said.

“Israel is a very small country but is very strong in its innovation system,” he said. Brazil’s investment in research and development has increased almost four times in the past decade.

The European Union’s European Commission, which is on its way to launching its Horizon 2020 economic framework plan for the years 2014 to 2020, is also intent on accelerating its progress with research and development for innovation and likewise sees Israel as a key partner in doing so.

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