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The past few days brought impressive recognition by two of the world’s largest internet players – Google and Facebook – of Israel’s tech industry.

Facebook bought Israeli face recognition technology company Face.com.  News sources place the pricetag of the acquisition at around $100 million. Face.com’s technology is already integrated by Facebook.

In a brief statement, Facebook said the company’s technology “has helped to provide the best photo experience” for people sharing photos over the social network, as reported in Globes.

Also this week, Google chairman Eric Schmidt spoke at a Tel Aviv conference called “Big Tent“, which focused on the question whether the Internet is creating a new political agenda and how it is shifting power in society. According to Haaretz, Schmidt said that the company’s development centers in Israel are among the company’s most efficient and that Google is constantly expanding them.

“We love Israel,” Schmidt said, drawing applause from the crowd. He especially noted the high quality of Israel’s engineers and sales people, due to strong universities and army training in technology.

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