“It places us in a different league. We are progressing from product to system,” proudly declares Ayecka Communication Systems Chairman of the Board, Avi Barda, of a company which develops satellite communication equipment. “Together with our Indian partner we are able to produce a complete communications system and can provide better solutions for clients.”

Ayecka Communication Systems specializes in developing hardware for the satellite communications market, and has succeeded in offering better-performing products at lower than market prices. The U.S. patent registered by the company affords it a significant technological advantage. When the idea of a complete communications system was raised internally, the company’s directors understood that they would need a partner in the software field. “An international partner seemed like a good idea,” says Baruch Kagan, CEO.

Ayecka Communication Systems approached MATIMOP, who introduced them to Indian company NMSWorks Software, and supervised the correspondence. “MATIMOP accorded a business framework, helped us find a partner and even assisted us in obtaining project funding from the Chief Scientist,” says Kagan. Indian company NMSWorks Software provides software solutions to complement the hardware manufactured by Ayecka Communication Systems. The complementary technologies created an Israeli-Indian synergy and clear division of labor. After waiting for an answer from Indian government officials, the project received approval and was set in motion.

India is a vast country, and a lack of communication systems exists in many parts of the country. “Satellite communications could prove to be a good solution.” Kagan very much appreciates Israeli technology, but is aware of the limitations of the Israeli market and the benefits of breaking into international markets. “For Israeli companies international collaboration promises a very big advantage. The market in Israel is very small and bigger business opportunities can be found elsewhere around the globe. We are unable to change the fact that in many places around the world people prefer local companies. That’s why collaboration is important.”

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