In Israel, large swathes of the arid countryside are now producing huge quantity of high value vegetables, fruits and flowers, most of which are exported to Europe. More than half of Israel is arid or semi-arid, and the rest of the country is dominated by steep hillsides and forests. Yet thanks to cutting-edge technology, Israel not only produces most of its own food, but also exports huge quantity of agricultural produce annually.

Because Israeli farmers and scientists have had to contend with a difficult environment and limited water resources, their experience is especially relevant to the developing world. Development of greenhouse equipment, seed and livestock propagation, fertilizers and pesticides have enabled Israeli agriculture to prosper in adversity. In addition, farmers have learned to develop high value-added and innovative farm products that enable them to compete in markets with lower-cost producers. 

Following the footsteps, many farmers in Punjab and Gujarat have started using the Israeli technology. NDTV’s Pallava Bagla brings you a first-hand account of how Israel makes the desert bloom.