Renewable Israeli innovation suited to India

With its wide expanses of open space and ever-increasing energy needs, India would be an ideal place for Israeli renewable energy innovators to take their business, experts from both sides of the equation agreed on Tuesday.
Representatives from both the Indian and Israeli governments, as well as leaders from around 50 Israeli renewable energy companies, gathered on Tuesday morning in Tel Aviv to discuss such opportunities – which seem to be plentiful. India is an enormous country where 400 million people still lack access to electricity, and despite already relying on renewable sources for 6 percent of its 200-gigawatt power supply, the country still depends on oil for the vast majority of its energy needs, according to Ashwani Kumar, a solar energy scientist at the New and Renewable Energy Ministry of India.

“Israel is a start-up nation, and both the people and the country are known for innovation,” said Vani Rao, charge d’affaires at the Indian Embassy in Tel Aviv. “India has put energy security on the top of its agenda.”

Within the next five years, the ministry aims to install another 30 gigawatts worth of renewable energy total – primarily through private sources, Gireesh Pradhan, secretary of India’s New and Renewable Energy Ministry explained.

“The important difference in India between conventional and renewable power is that for conventional power the lead is the government or the public sector, and for renewables it is the private sector,” Pradhan said. “In that context we look to partnering with countries such as Israel.”

In India, there are bounds of land that could be put to no use other than building solar fields, as well as a vast array of other renewable energy opportunities, and Pradhan said he believes that Israeli technology and ideas should be employed in consonance with this advantage.

Placing a great value on Israel and India’s trade that continues to improve and flourish, Inbar attributed Israel’s ability to largely evade the world financial crisis in part to its success in trading with Asian countries such as India. Currently, the two governments are in the process of negotiating an agreement to reduce customs levels between the two nations in order to bring about free trade.
“Energy is the flavor of the month,” said Anat Bernstein- Reich, vice president of the Israel-Asia Chamber of Commerce and president of the Israel-India Friendship Association. “Israel has the need and developed the solutions, which it will be showcasing in the upcoming Eilat-Eilot Renewable Energy Conference”- Source

Renewable Energy Conference in Eilat is one of the main energy innovation conferences in Israel, focusing on renewable energy, biofuels and energy efficiency.
Apart from 2 days on Renewable energy conference in “Eilat”, the 5 day Tour will also include a day of tourism including field trips to Israel’s most innovative sites and visits to leading Israeli companies such as: ZenithSolar Farm at Kvutzat Yavne, Eternegy, Better place, Rotem Renewable Energy Innovation Center, Bright source, Leviathan energy, Helios Focus, AORA Energy Ltd., etc.
(The visit will be accompanied by a representative of the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Labor in Israel)
Optional: Pre-Conference Seminar: ENERGYVEST Summit
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Eilat-Eilot Renewable Energy-5th International Conference & Tour