Israel’s chief scientist Avi Hasson was in New Delhi to explore & promote mutual R&D collaborations between both the countries

The Office of the Chief Scientist [OCS]  at the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Labor and MATIMOP – the Israeli Industry Centre for R&D, in cooperation with the Israeli Economic Mission to India, organized Chief Scientist’s visit to India last week. Together with his colleagues from MATIMOP, he visited New Delhi from 28th – 30th Jan 2013.

OCS is the governmental arm for conducting R&D activity in Israel and is responsible for implementing government policy regarding support and encouragement of industrial research and development (R&D). It is presently, initiating many interesting schemes and programs, including academy-industry cooperation, technological incubators programs  and the main government R&D fund. These tools, combined with strong and vital business community, makes Israel a major hub for MNC’s all over the world for conducting R&D.

OCS is a funding agency but it does not provide 100 per cent funding. Any innovative idea that seems to be commercially promising is supported by the Office of the Chief Scientist.

Currently Israel and India are developing an infrastructure for mutual R&D in:

–      I4RD cooperation between Israel and GITA (an initiate of CII & DST). Israel has signed bilateral industrial R&D (i4RD) Cooperation agreements with India, to encourage, develop and facilitate collaborative activities between the two countries in the fields of common interest and mutual benefit.

–      Apart from the Government mutual R&D Cooperation, the OCS also works with private corporations. It has signed MOU with MNC’s like Infosys,  and few more are under consideration. An agreement of this kind means a mutual  R&D program that can last for a minimum period of a year, resulting in the development of a new or existing product, or a significant improvement in an existing or new industrial process.

–      R&D platforms between various states in India and Israel, is stimulating high value-added R&D and encouraging collaborations in both the countries.

During his visit, he played a role of a match maker for innovative Indian and Israeli companies. As a part of his tour, he met among others, key government top officials which are directly involved in these ties with Israel.

India is in need of smart and frugal technological solutions. It’s a good opportunity for Indian Key Players to strengthen relationship with Israeli counterpart through this R&D platform in India, known as GITA– Global Innovation & Technology Alliance.

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