Arad has won two tenders for smart water measuring solutions aimed at improving accurate metering and lowering water loss in New Delhi

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Arad Group, an Israeli company  a world leader in the field of automated water measurement solutions and services, has won two tenders worth $18 million to supply remote water metering systems to the Indian utility Delhi Jal Board (DJB).

Arad Group has put India as a strategic key market because of the grown of water activity in India- which aims to provide water supply throughout the day, and so, the two orders represent a real breakthrough for the company.

Nitzan Cohen, Group’s president said that “Water measuring is increasing in India, as part of an ongoing effort to upgrade water systems to assure regular water supply.” Arad operates in India with local partners Technochem Agencies and SPML Infra.

DJB, which is responsible for water management in New Delhi, chose Arad solutions after a long process, which included a pilot project and a series of field tests. By using AMR solutions, DJB will receive real-time alerts on water leakages and will benefit from automated water reading of inaccessible water meters and will be able to serve the Indian public with fair and efficient and billing.

–  The first tender is for the supply of advanced meter reading (AMR) Drive By automated systems. The $16.5 million project includes the supply of 180,000 durable Multi Jet water meters, especially designed by Arad to assure long-term operation in the unique water supply conditions of the Indian market.

–  The second tender includes the supply of 2,800 bulk water meters equipped with Dialog Cellular, an AMR system providing a perfect solution for remote data collection from remote locations.

Dialog Cellular is the most advanced solution in the market, and can be connected to digital, analog and Dialog 3G water meters. With a built-in GPRS Modem, the Dialog 3G Cellular uses available cellular networks for transmitting metering data to control centers.