From beer taps to mobile apps


Israeli start-up Weissbeerger Ltd. Has developed a product that enables bars and pubs to save money, boost beer revenue, and better manage the supply chain. The alcohol monitoring system that utilizes real-time data to reveal consumption statistics and trends promises a reduction of 7-12% in waste and 5-80% increase in consumption per user.

The system dispenses reports to customers via a simple and user-friendly app that covers a range of data including the amount of beer drunk in a given period of time. A publican does not have to be present behind the bar, he simply looks at the app on his iPad.

The product’s first version allowed customers to pour their own beer and pay per liter, rather than by the number of glasses. This important gimmick allowed customers to pour themselves a small amount of chilled beer at any time, ensuring they never had to contend with warm beer. “This idea,” says Agiv, “increased bar sales and led to the creation of our system which today provides automated monitoring of consumption at bars.”

“We reinvented the beer tap,” says Weissbeerger CEO Omer Agiv. “We make simple taps smart which helps the business improve its consumption through learning. In contrast to today’s standard where publicans can only get data manually or through focus groups and studies by brand managers, we do this remotely in real time, sending the data to the brewery so the brand manager can know how many customers drink its beers, and how to promote sales. The jewel in the crown is the possibility of analyzing the data for bars to provide incentives at certain times to boost sales.”

Weissbeerger’s product is already installed at many pubs in Tel Aviv and the company is in cooperation talks with German and Danish breweries. It recently won global recognition for its analytics dashboard at the SAP HANA Start-up Challenge, where Weissbeerger was one of four finalists for most innovative company.

The company has eight employees, and an advisor – Rob Keve, and Englishman who founded Fizzback Ltd., which NICE Systems Ltd acquired for $80 million in 2011. Weissbeerger  has raised almost $1 million from LH Finance and private investors Dmitry Shpernovitz, Max Godin, Michael Lewkowicz, Fingerer and Levintin. With a new financing round to look forward to, Weissbeerger hopes to raise more than $1 million.

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