Sri Lankan Ambassador to Israel H.E. Mr Sarath Vijesinghe will lead a multi-sectoral delegation of Israeli businessmen officials to Sri Lanka this August

At the end of August, a multi – sectoral  delegation of Israeli businessmen is going to Sri Lanka to strengthen economic business relationship. The delegation will be led by Ambassador of Sri Lanka to Israel, H.E. Mr. Sarath Vijesinghe and Ms. Anat Bernstein – Reich, Chairman of the  Israel-Sri Lanka Chamber of Commerce. The Delegation will be accompanied by Deputy Ambassador of Israel to India Mr. Yahel Vilan, and other officials.

Sri Lanka is growing, and it dedicates vast resources to invest in infrastructure and development and attracts foreign investors in agriculture, infrastructure, tourism, energy and water. The annual growth of Sri Lanka is 8% and a population of 20 million people.

The Chambers of Commerce: Israel-Asia and Israel-Sri Lanka, in cooperation with the Embassy of Sri Lanka in Israel and the Israeli Embassy in India, the Association of Chambers of Commerce,  Honorary Consuls of Sri Lanka to Israel, Mr. Ehud Rassabi Mr. Shimshon Harel, and the Ceylon Chamber of Commerce, invites you to learn about the opportunities that Sri Lanka offers to Israeli businessmen.

During the visit from August 26 to 30, the delegation will have one-to-one meetings with Sri – Lanka’s Investment Authority and Sri Lankan businessmen to enhance economic ties. As a part of the business tour, the delegation will participate in a seminar and a series of private meetings organized by the Ceylon Chamber of Commerce, visit companies and factories, hold talks with ministers and senior government officials.

This is a multi-sectoral delegation with emphasis on agriculture, dairy industry, energy and water technologies, tourism and infrastructure. At the end of the visit, participants will be able to join a two-days trip to the wonderful sites of Sri Lanka that includes-

–          Elephant orphanage

–          Tea fields

–          Kendy city

–          Buddhist temples

–          Singeria

This visit by the Israeli delegation would help open up new avenues for building closer ties between the two countries.

Those interested in participating are invited to send the registration form attached

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